At the Glen Mhor Hotel, if you book a bed and breakfast rate you can enjoy a full Scottish buffet breakfast included in the price! If you have booked a room only rate, breakfast will not be included. But don’t worry! If you change your mind at last minute you are always welcome to join us in our breakfast rooms.

The buffet is served at the Glen Mhor Hotel, next to the reception area. From the Waterside, you can take a short walk on the newly renovated connecting path along our buildings. If the rain doesn’t stop, we have umbrellas next to every building entrance, so please help yourselves on the way to the reception and breakfast area.

We serve breakfast between 7am and 10am during the week and between 8am and 11am on Saturday and Sunday. These opening times may vary on special days. Please always check with the reception desk.

Our buffet breakfast is open for non-residents as well!